Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SQUIRM show re-cap 12.19.10

The last SQUIRM show of 2010 (with Evie, Dom, Linda and Elle) was performed at The Living Theatre 12.19.10. The improvised blues was was the "Tahiti ~ Joe Namath ~ Etch A Sketch" Blues and contained scenes of Skippy trying to have some quiet time ~Sugartime for Sugarbabies children's pageant ~ Joe Namath in the locker room with a banana and a gun ~ 1987 in Da Bronx with Aqua Net ~ Fred going for the Guiness Book of World Records for pacing ~ Santa is not what the kids expected ~ Marissa scares her elderly father after her Mother was killed by circus elephants ~ Mindy and Maura meet Broadway Joe in front of the Emerald Green Pub ~ A Guardian Angel ~ Celestial Seasonings newest flavors demo by Bellzy Bubb ~ An adobo pusher to the them of Axel F ~ Guppy Troupe the greatest bowler ever ~ Broadway Babies on Sugar ~ The Easter Bunny meets Santa ~
The next SQUIRM show will be Sunday January 16th @ The Living Theatre. Happy New Year!

More Joe Namath!.......

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