Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NY deli-style long form improv comedy
Saturday, 6/15 @ 3:30pm
@ Improvisation News Underground Mixer
@ Triple Crown Ale House (downstairs)
330 7th Avenue (btw 28th & 29th) NYC

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Squirm show recap 1.30.11


Monday, January 24, 2011

SQUIRM SHOW recap 1.16.11

The most recent SQUIRM was Sunday, 1.16.11 at The Living Theatre NYC - with Evie and Linda - SQUIRM presents "SQUIGGLE" with guest players Johnny Zito and Silas Brown.

The improvised Blues songs was the "Aruba ~ Tiger Woods ~ PopTwizzlers Blues" and included scenes with: A magic magician ~ Pauley's gotta clean up the kitchen ~ The Magician makes Snooki from The Jersey Shore disappear, or not ~ A man creates and exciting new movie snack: PopTwizzlers! ~ Cooking contestestants bring dishes of fois gras, Japanese/American sashimi dish - JAPERICAN! and the winner PopTwizzlers/TwizzCorn (it's exciting) ~ Elaine and Samantha try to spell their names in the sand and Elaine developth a lithp ~ Hole digging on the rich people's golf course ~ a swinging golfer who swings both ways and says great things like "2 balls are better than one" and the black out line was "You're Italian, right?"

Watch the show here! EXCITING!!!

SQUIRM set 1.16.11 from SQUIRM Improv on Vimeo.

SQUIRM presents "SQUIGGLE" - Evie and Linda perform with guests Johnny and Silas @ The Living Theatre - Jan. 16th, 2011 The improvised Blues song was the "Aruba - Tiger Woods - PopTwizzlers" blues!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SQUIRM show re-cap 12.19.10

The last SQUIRM show of 2010 (with Evie, Dom, Linda and Elle) was performed at The Living Theatre 12.19.10. The improvised blues was was the "Tahiti ~ Joe Namath ~ Etch A Sketch" Blues and contained scenes of Skippy trying to have some quiet time ~Sugartime for Sugarbabies children's pageant ~ Joe Namath in the locker room with a banana and a gun ~ 1987 in Da Bronx with Aqua Net ~ Fred going for the Guiness Book of World Records for pacing ~ Santa is not what the kids expected ~ Marissa scares her elderly father after her Mother was killed by circus elephants ~ Mindy and Maura meet Broadway Joe in front of the Emerald Green Pub ~ A Guardian Angel ~ Celestial Seasonings newest flavors demo by Bellzy Bubb ~ An adobo pusher to the them of Axel F ~ Guppy Troupe the greatest bowler ever ~ Broadway Babies on Sugar ~ The Easter Bunny meets Santa ~
The next SQUIRM show will be Sunday January 16th @ The Living Theatre. Happy New Year!

More Joe Namath!.......

Sunday, November 21, 2010

SQUIRM show recap 11.21.10 @ The Living Theatre

SQUIRM's most recent show was Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ The Living Theatre - L.E.S.
The improvised blues song was the “Sedona ~ Christopher Walken ~ Tofurky Blues" and scenes included: A mother and daughter at a spa with 5lb weight loss goal ~ Doris and Larry web dating ~ Starbucks the dancer, she uses a prop ~ An inspector who discovers that a very clean man has contaminated the food in the kitchen with all purpose windex ~ Theodore and his fiance - she does things for herself, except for some things, then she needs his assistance - PG-13! ~ A slo motion keep away game that results in a shooting ~
A job interview at Hits R Us gone wrong ~ Christopher Walken and Jay Leno visit a Starbucks (and later on, Charlie Sheen and David Letterman visit the same Starbucks!)
~Tommy the gamer who has the biggest stride in the east - why was there a table on the football field? ~ something grows in a water bottle at the spa ~ Starbucks returns as a show stopper - no really, she stopped the show when she freaked out that everyone was watching her, and she ran out of dance moves - Leo the Director had to come on stage to rescue her ~ Christopher Walken talks a midget to (near) death ~ A keep away game with
apparitions in slow motion
~ Kindle-Schmindle ~ This tofurky is da bomb...much better than the pernil made of platanos.
guest appearances by:

See the hi-lites here:

Here is STARBUCKS the dancer:

Thursday, October 21, 2010


SQUIRM Long-form improvised sketch comedy
Pre-Thanksgiving Special!

21 Clinton Street (between Houston & Stanton)

Directions: Buses: Houston Street Bus M21 or Avenue B Bus M9Subway: F train to "2nd Avenue" (exit front of train on 1st Ave; walk east along Houston) or F train to "Delancey Street"

Tickets are $10 - but get on SQUIRM’s guest list for a 50% discount on tickets!

for RESERVATIONS e-mail:

No drink minimum – but beverages are available for purchase at the show!
BONUS - Tell us where this quote is from, and you will get 1 Comp ticket to the show!"It ain't cool bein' no jive close to Thanksgivin'..."e-mail answers to: SQUIRMIMPROV@GMAIL.COM

Monday, September 13, 2010

SQUIRM ALERM: Next Show Sat 10/23 @ 6pm - FREE!

SQUIRM w/LOS WET NAPS Long-form improvised sketch comedy
SATURDAY, October 23 @ 6pm FREE!!! @ The Creek & The Cave
10-93 Jackson Avenue – Long Island City, NY 11101(7 to Vernon-Jackson / E/V to 23rd Ely / G to 21st St/Van Alst)**718.706.8783

Please become a Fan of SQUIRM on FACEBOOK: