Monday, December 28, 2009

SQUIRM's Show of 12.26.09 - RECAP

SQUIRM's most recent show was Saturday, 12/26 @ The Creek in Long Island City.
We did a 1 hour show, and had guest performer Johnny Zito (Los Wet Naps).

The improvised blues song was the "The Honolulu ~ Tiger Woods ~ Tiramisu Blues" and featured scenes of Betsy with many prosthetics visiting a retiring Psychic ~ a Live Ouija Board ~ The Dominican Tigre Woods golf star ~ a family that left their daughter and grandfather in the jungle ~ a guy who just wanted MORE MORE MORE ~ Mime Class Finals Exam ~ a 3-D movie that came alive and sucked in an audience member ~ a 3-D Newspaper with a hand that tried to steal your nose ~ a Surf Shop in Massachusetts ~ Happy Times Blues Club ~ featured songs included: "Havin' My Baby", "More, More, More (how do you like it?)", and "Don"t You Want Me Baby?" ~ and the comforting advice that "The worst is yet to come"... Also there was an encore scene of a Tiger Woods Children's Convention - where all the kids were claiming Tiger as their father What will happen next? Check out the next SQUIRM show at THE CREEK - Long Island City on Saturday, January 23rd @ 7pm - Free!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Next SQUIRM Show Sat. 12/26 7pm @ THE CREEK (L.I.C.)

SQUIRM improv Last show of 2009!
Saturday 12/26 @ 7pm - FREE!
@ THE CREEK10-93 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City NY, 11101
7 to Vernon-Jackson/ G to 21st St
Great food and drinks too - if you want to have dinner before or after the show.

Monday, November 30, 2009

SQUIRM's show on 11.28.09 RECAP

SQUIRM's most recent show was Saturday, 11/28 @ The Creek in Long Island City.
We did a 1 hour show, and had guest performer Johnny Zito (Los Wet Naps).
The improvised blues song was the "Dominican Republic ~ Mariah Carey ~ Flan Blues" and featured scenes of No-Punch McCoy the boxer, a man from an undisclosed country searching for Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Pussycat Dolls, but found them bound and gagged in various locations, a woman vacationing in D.R. and a fast speaking bartender, a Latino Hamlet (Equal Opportunity Employment) trying to lose his accent, a Brother Sister act auditioning for a tv show performing the "macarena, flying cucaracha dance", a wrestler named Killer who double dated with some ladies from Connecticut - and a Talking pet rock - also namd Killer......

SQUIRM's next show will be at The Creek - L.I.C. on Saturday, 12/26 @ 7pm!

Monday, October 26, 2009

SQUIRM's show of 10/23 @ Up the Creek Improv Camp

@ The CREEK in Long Island City on 10/23/09.
The improvised blues song was the "Cape Cod ~ Bruce Willis ~ Sausage pastrami Blues" and featured scenes of a mother/daughter obsessed with Macaroni and cheese - This dude Rocco doing keg stands - Bruce Willis and Shia LeBeouf shooting a film vs. a tired camera operator with a VERY heavy camera and an angry teamster - a very physical fish being caught off the coast of Cape Cod - "The snoring of the Lord" (it will move you) -Erik Estrada and Bruce Willis as Jesus and Pontus - and the black out line was "Thank God for elastic!"

our next show will be:
Saturday November 28th, 7pm @ The CREEK, L.I.C.
Be there for more SQUIRM!

Monday, September 28, 2009

SQUIRM's show 9.26.09

The most recent SQUIRM show @ The Creek - Long Island City featured our improvised blues song opener based on suggestions from the audience:
The "New Jersey~Paul Newman~Cheesecake" Blues
and scenes included: a customer in a restaurant requested Paul Newman dressing, but was served Pablo Newman dressing....
several attempts made to get into the Guinness Book Of World Records for the most hours playing in an Air Band .......
a road trip through New Jersey with a car radio that only played Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen .......
and 2 fisherman who found a very special Mermaid....

Stay tuned for details on our next performance!
Who knows what will happen?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meet SQUIRM 2009


This is a film made by SQUIRM in - for The Film Racing Grand Prix 2007.
All scenes were improvised.
Features honorary SQUIRM member: I.G. (invisible guy)

Old School

this is SQUIRM in 2007 :

josh, evie, linda, elle, dom