Sunday, November 21, 2010

SQUIRM show recap 11.21.10 @ The Living Theatre

SQUIRM's most recent show was Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ The Living Theatre - L.E.S.
The improvised blues song was the “Sedona ~ Christopher Walken ~ Tofurky Blues" and scenes included: A mother and daughter at a spa with 5lb weight loss goal ~ Doris and Larry web dating ~ Starbucks the dancer, she uses a prop ~ An inspector who discovers that a very clean man has contaminated the food in the kitchen with all purpose windex ~ Theodore and his fiance - she does things for herself, except for some things, then she needs his assistance - PG-13! ~ A slo motion keep away game that results in a shooting ~
A job interview at Hits R Us gone wrong ~ Christopher Walken and Jay Leno visit a Starbucks (and later on, Charlie Sheen and David Letterman visit the same Starbucks!)
~Tommy the gamer who has the biggest stride in the east - why was there a table on the football field? ~ something grows in a water bottle at the spa ~ Starbucks returns as a show stopper - no really, she stopped the show when she freaked out that everyone was watching her, and she ran out of dance moves - Leo the Director had to come on stage to rescue her ~ Christopher Walken talks a midget to (near) death ~ A keep away game with
apparitions in slow motion
~ Kindle-Schmindle ~ This tofurky is da bomb...much better than the pernil made of platanos.
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Here is STARBUCKS the dancer:

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