Monday, January 24, 2011

SQUIRM SHOW recap 1.16.11

The most recent SQUIRM was Sunday, 1.16.11 at The Living Theatre NYC - with Evie and Linda - SQUIRM presents "SQUIGGLE" with guest players Johnny Zito and Silas Brown.

The improvised Blues songs was the "Aruba ~ Tiger Woods ~ PopTwizzlers Blues" and included scenes with: A magic magician ~ Pauley's gotta clean up the kitchen ~ The Magician makes Snooki from The Jersey Shore disappear, or not ~ A man creates and exciting new movie snack: PopTwizzlers! ~ Cooking contestestants bring dishes of fois gras, Japanese/American sashimi dish - JAPERICAN! and the winner PopTwizzlers/TwizzCorn (it's exciting) ~ Elaine and Samantha try to spell their names in the sand and Elaine developth a lithp ~ Hole digging on the rich people's golf course ~ a swinging golfer who swings both ways and says great things like "2 balls are better than one" and the black out line was "You're Italian, right?"

Watch the show here! EXCITING!!!

SQUIRM set 1.16.11 from SQUIRM Improv on Vimeo.

SQUIRM presents "SQUIGGLE" - Evie and Linda perform with guests Johnny and Silas @ The Living Theatre - Jan. 16th, 2011 The improvised Blues song was the "Aruba - Tiger Woods - PopTwizzlers" blues!

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