Saturday, May 29, 2010

Re-cap of SQUIRM's show on 5.22.10 - "Find Your Voice"

SQUIRM's most recent show was Saturday, 5/22, 2010 @ The Creek & The Cave in Long Island City. We did a 30 minute set with the guest performer Silas Brown, and the return of Elle!
The improvised blues song was the "Thailand ~ Britney Spears ~ Cabbage/Nacho Blues" and scenes included: Cars and troublemakers ~ a back ground actor nervously awaits the arrival of Michael Bay ~ A mother tries to kill her own son for the insurance ~ Boy lady/ lady boy dancer in Thailand entertains the American tourists: dances Russian, Salsa-merengue (Dominican style) and Native American native dancing mating call ~ Don Paco the famous blind delivery man/chef he makes the best nachos with prawns, chili, cheese, more cheese, cole slaw, and salsa ~ a special bra-fitting with a magic mirror and a slip that makes you feel 20 pounds thinner ~ Cat Transaction Dancers prepare for Britney Spears concert ~ chevzaze, chevzaze
flevovich dancers get lectured by cigar chompin' rehearsal room manager
~ Agnes enjoys spaghetti and meatballs until she learns it was her mother's "specimen" that she was going to take to the doctor ~ Siamese twins and Siamese twins with creepy voices "Two of us! Two of us!" ~ Ese caught the blindness in the right eye gotta get out of South Central ~ Clint Eastwood (or is it?) helps depressed kid to find his voice ~ Paco's Tacos Nachos cause the senorita to be unable to oculate (yes, we made it a verb) but the whole scene gets busted up by the cigar chompin stage manager....
Special appearance by:
What will happen next? Check out the next SQUIRM show @ THE CREEK AND THE CAVE - Long Island City on Saturday, June 26 @ 7pm - Free!

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