Monday, July 5, 2010

SQUIRM show re-cap 6.26 - Please Be Quiet During the play-by-play

SQUIRM's most recent show was Saturday, 6/26, 2010 @ The Creek & The Cave in Long Island City. We did a 30 minute set with the guest performers Silas Brown, Bill Berg, and Johnny Zito. The improvised blues song was the "Corpus Christi ~ Mike Tyson ~ Summer Rolls Blues" and scenes included: Eating Coconut Bananas in very hot Corpus Christi ~ Tickets to a Mike Tyson fight, luckily he hasn't fought or bitten a man's ear in 15 years, cut to Mike biting someone ~ The weight of the world on one man's shoulders ~ Billy Bob and Bobby Billy: get offa my ranch ~ Getting 'friendly' with a bull ~ Racial stereotypes on tv ~ gratuitous drinking/smoking/strip club scene ~ 333 baby (1/2 way to hell) ~ Surgery gone wrong ~Birthing of a baby during the World Cup ~ a crazy cabbie and crazy dispatcher ~ Working at a gas es-station fulfilling the American dream ~ "In a world with no television... people must learn to communicate with one another......"
What will happen next? Be there for the next SQUIRM show: Saturday, July 24th 7pm @ The Creek & The Cave - L.I. City - Free!

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