Monday, May 3, 2010

Re-cap of SQUIRM's show on 4.24.10

SQUIRM's most recent show was Saturday, 4/24, 2010 @ The Creek & The Cave in Long Island City. We did a 30 minute set.
The improvised blues song was the "The Vermont – Derek Jeter – Pina Colada Blues" and even though 80% of the stage lights went out during the first minute of the show, we SQUIRMED on featuring scenes of: Jeanine (or Jeanette) can't see, doctor has found the cure in a little purple pill, Jeanine happens to be color blind (then the stage lights came back on!)~ People who come all the way from Vermont to see Derek Jeter’s nice buns and a Pina Colada vendor $12 each ~ A guy who couldn’t get out of a rut sadly let go from the Dairy Queen on the corner ~ A Smart Car on the way to Maine with a hitchhiker who asks if the car has “air pillows” ~ Commercial break from Smith’s Airbags – Call 1-800-Smith-Airbag ~ Margarita the Pina Colada vendor from Jankee Stadium upset because everyone just keeps asking her to “show her tits” Paco says, "I don't understand why this is a problem at the Jankee stadium, you show your tits all the time everywhere else, at the family parties, family reunions…..and even Grandpa’s funeral…. ~ Jeanine/Jeanette confuses Dr. Singer with Dr. Singh and is covered in tattoos. ~ another commercial break: "Has identity theft or identity mis-identification ever happened to you? Call us at 1-800-Smith Lawyers." ~ Jeanine/Jeanette eventually gets her sight back.
What will happen next? Check out the next SQUIRM show @ THE CREEK AND THE CAVE - Long Island City on Saturday, May 22 @ 7pm - Free!

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