Saturday, August 7, 2010

SQUIRM show re-cap 7.24.10 “Son of a witch!”

SQUIRM's most recent show was Saturday, 7/24, 2010 @ The Creek & The Cave in Long Island City. The improvised blues song was the “Mackinaw ~ Mel Gibson ~ Martini Blues" and scenes included: A phone call to break up with Debbie because she smelled like cheese ~ A streamer filled bar with a pulsating mutant olive on the floor that has a fit of rage ~ Moving Mom from Long Island to Oakland, on the back of the car ~ Restaurant workers with clean hands and dirty mouths – son of a mother father! ~ @ the Tard Park Playground, the arrival of the King of the Playground ~ A nursing home that only shows Mel Gibson movies on the 3D TV ~ Tard Jazz Trio ~ A strange visit from Father who hated cell phones in life but communicates from beyond through a cell phone “ You can talk to the dead with the iphone 4” ~ The hairy, pulsating olive has a fit of passion to the tune of Endless Love ~ Nurse at the Nursing Home breaks the news that the TV movie loop is now set to show only all Pauly Shore movies ~ Mom arrives in Oakland and changes her accent ~ The cleanest cooks in the world continue to wash hands instead of making burgers, when suddenly the Health Inspector shows up to check how clean their pores are…..son of a witch!
What will happen next? Be there for the next SQUIRM show: Saturday, August 28th - 7pm @ The Creek & The Cave - L.I. City - Free! SEE THE HILITES OF THE SHOW HERE:

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