Sunday, February 28, 2010

SQUIRM's most recent show was Saturday, 2/27, 2010 @ The Creek in Long Island City.
We did a 30 minute set.
The improvised blues song was the "The Aruba ~ Jennifer Aniston (on skis) ~ Tiramisu Blues" and featured scenes of A Father who wouldn't watch his daughter dance ~ A couple putting up a basketball net for their kid on Staten Island ~ Joy in my eye! ~ Jennifer Aniston at a ski lodge requesting that there be no John Mayer music in her room and no films with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or Vince Vaughn available on the pay per view ~ The worst establishment on an American road trip: Maria Conchitas Little Hamburger Tiramisu Shack with terrible service and a cook who only knows how to make Cheeseburgers ~ a janitor who was verklempt and verstressed ~ a Divorce decision settled by a basketball shoot out ~ No Divorce for gay couples parade/protest with the Governor/Mayor of Portland ~ THE HAPPY DANCE song (and dance by Betsy) ~ Jesus with long hair who uses Pantene products, but being around Betsy, his heart exploded - and the reprise of the Happy Dance as the lights faded....

What will happen next? Check out the next SQUIRM show at THE CREEK - Long Island City on Saturday, MARCH 20TH @ 7pm - Free!

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